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Wintergreen Couch

Scientific name - Cynodon dactylon

Wintergreen Couch is the most economical option for your new lawn. It is an emerald green couch hybrid developed in Australia with a fine leaf and a soft feel.

Wintergreen Characteristics

  • Wintergreen Couch remains green all year round and retains a better winter colour than other green couch varieties.
  • Wintergreen Couch is very hard wearing and will self repair quickly. Ideal for where durability is important.
  • Wintergreen Couch requires regular mowing to avoid a scarfed look when mown.
  • Wintergreen Couch forms a dense mat that will resist weed invasion.
  • Wintergreen Couch has a deep root system that gives it an excellent drought tolerance and will survive without any watering.
  • Wintergreen Couch thrives in full sun with low shade tolerance.
  • Wintergreen Couch displays good pest and disease resistance.
  • Wintergreen Couch has a soft feel and is non irritant.
  • Wintergreen Couch is ideal for domestic lawns, commercial premises, parks and sporting fields.

Wintergreen Couch - "Your cost effective option"

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