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Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen Couch is the most economical turf variety available, emerald green in colour with a fine leaf. It is very hard wearing and will self repair quickly, making it ideal for high traffic areas.

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palmetto, soft leaf buffalo, shade grass, shade tolerant, palmetto buffalo grass


Palmetto Buffalo Grass is a hardy, soft leaf Buffalo with excellent shade tolerence and it generally requires less watering and less mowing than most other turf varieties.  This turf provides a lawn that has excellent winter colour, and will generally out compete weeds once established.

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empire zoysia

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is widely known as EZ ( easy ) grass due to its low maintenance requirements. It makes a great looking lawn that is hardwearing and displays good drought, shade and salt tolerence.

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turf, aussie blue couch, aussiblue couch

AussiBlue Couch

AussiBlue Couch makes an attractive lawn with a fine to medium texture and a aqua coloured soft leaf. It forms a tight mat giving good ground coverage and resistance to weed invasion.

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